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Badge is a visual component used to indicate the status of a feature or product.

For example, you added a new tab to the report. In this case, you can highlight a new feature in your product with a new badge.

Main features of the component:

  • Badge cannot be deleted or added by a user. Badge is added to the elements by the system according to the rules described below in the table.
  • Badge is not clickable.
  • Do not use badge for filtering the data.


Component has one size.

Badge types

Use the following badges in the products depending on the status of the feature or product:

Badge Background When used
--blue-400 Use it with features that are only available for users with admin rights. The functionality with admin badge is not visible to the other users.
--red-400 Use it with features which are available only to admins and a limited number of users who have been granted access as alpha users. The functionality under this badge should be used without any guarantees, it is unstable, and may be changed significantly over time or be disabled.
--orange-400 Use only for unstable functionality of a feature or product. A product/feature with this badge was released to test the product hypothesis, and it can have major changes in the future.
--green-400 Use with products and features that are out of beta, and with new features that are available to all users. Use it to attract attention to a new product or feature.
--gray-400 It can be set on “placeholders” for collecting feedback.

Usage on dark/colored background

Every badge can be inverted like this:

Use --gray-white color for the background and --gray-800 for the text color.

Feature status

The feature status can be shown inside most of the components and controls.



Feature status in the notification

Badge vs. Tag

Do not confuse Tag and Badge components. Tag is used for thematic grouping and labeling data, while the Badge indicates the status of a feature or product.


Badge is usually placed to the right of the element. As an exception, in the Notice component, badge is positioned to the left relative to the text. Badge's margins are always multiples of 4.

Usage in UX/UI

Component/block Appearance example
Product header
Landing page header