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This component is a wrapper that allows you to set the format for the input value.


This is an example of a basic input with a mask feature. The mask is defined using the mask property, which specifies the input format and validates the entered value.

Remember to set the placeholder for the input field to match the mask. Typically, the placeholder should be the same as the mask itself.


aliases is the object that defines how characters in the mask are validated. By default, they are configured as follows:

  • 9 - numbers
  • a - Latin and Cyrillic letters in any case
  • * - numbers and Latin and Cyrillic letters in any case


pipe is a function that processes and changes the InputMask value after user input.

In the example below, it is used for formatting and validating the card's expire date input. The focus is switched to the next input by the onSucces event. It is called when the entered value fully matches the input mask.