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Pills is a component used for:

  • switching of states (tabs/views/screens with uniform content);
  • filtering data in lists/tables/graphs.

Sizes and paddings

Size (height in px) Paddings
L (40px)
M (28px)

Addons (icon, flag, badge, counter) have the same padding as the addons inside the Button.


Default pills

It is used in most cases in our products.

Advanced pills (king-size 👑)

In some products, the pills can act as a block with shared metrics. Pills can be made "main" if they contain the target figures of the report. What is their difference from the usual pills:

  • they are higher in height due to the content;
  • they may have additional controls inside (usually adding/moving data by clicking on a link).

Pill for adding new item

Note that this type is design-only yet.

State Appearance


State Appearance
Skeleton (initial loading of the page)
Normal, active
Disabled pill

Usage in UX/UI

Pills are used for:

  • actions with data: filtering, sorting, navigation (displaying data chunks);
  • changing the view/presentation of data.

Use pills in:

Number of pills

Minimum in the component is 2, maximum – is unlimited. But keep in mind that it will be difficult for the user to navigate the selection if there are too many items. In this case, you can:

  • collapse pills in DropdownMenu;
  • collapse the last pills into a pill with an ellipsis.

By clicking on the last pill with an ellipsis in the dropdown, it is possible to display a list of items that did not fit. The item selected from this list put before pill with ellipsis.

Examples of wrong use

Do not use buttons instead of pills:

Do not use pills instead of buttons:

If words are too long, you can shorten them into abbreviations that users can understand:

Do not use one Pills.Item: