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Chrome extension


We have Chrome extension that highlights components in the products according to the ui-kit version.

Note that this extension is available only for the users registered in the corporate mail.

Our extension can collect data about components from all our libraries used in the Semrush products. We need this data for the development of our design system.

We would be very grateful if you install/update the extension and help us collect data (it collects data even when if it's turned off but only if you are using VPN/internal network).

Few steps to install the extension:

  1. Open the link.
  2. Press Add to Chrome.
  3. You can turn it on/off to check your interface.

And few steps to update the extension if you already have it:

  1. Go to the extension settings.
  2. Turn on Developer mode.
  3. Press Update and check your version.

That's all! You are awesome ❤️

Color highlighting of the interface

💚 Green – these components are from the @semcore library. You are awesome!

🌝 Yellow – these components are from the previous old library. They should be updated.

💔 Red – these components are from the oldest library and are outdated for a several years. They should be updated.