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What is it?

The release system is a system used to deliver library components in a single package.

What is it for?

Using the release system allows us to preserve the flexibility of our current delivery model while solving several important issues:

  • Duplicates in node_modules
  • A large huge number of @semcore dependencies and their management
  • Incompatibility between different versions of packages

Update frequency

Our release cycle is 2 weeks. That means that every two weeks we collect the changes for all packages, update the components to their new versions, write a changelog, and publish them to the library.

There may be some deviations from this schedule due to critical errors or holidays 🥳

How to use

Install a new package and its dependencies will include all library components:

yarn add @semcore/ui

All components inside the package are divided into folders and can perform a re-export of actual components.

For example, if an import has the following format:

import Button from '@semcore/ui/button';

It can be replaced with the corresponding import from the ui package:

import Button from '@semcore/ui/button';

Due to the folder-based access to components, we cannot automatically connect commonJS or ES6. For now, we only support ES6.

How to use (with @semcore)

If you need a newer version of any component before we publish our package, you can install and use it separately.

⚠️ Don't install @semcore/core separately. It's already included in ui and should not be duplicated.