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FeedbackRating is a pattern for collecting feedback on a 5-rating scale from users.

Use it when you need to collect user's feedback after they performed specific step or used specific feature in the interface.

This pattern is built with:


Notice includes the following mandatory elements:

  • FeedbackIllustration as Notice.Label. Avoid changing it.
  • Message for the user. Set the text that is more suitable for your case.
  • Rating slider with 0 value by default.
  • Close button.

"Learn more" link is optional. Text with a link to the article, the text is always “Learn more”, only the href changes.

Notice behavior requirements

  • If the user has closed the Notice, do not show it to them again.
  • The Notice is displayed until the user closes it using the Close button, submits the feedback form, or until the set time expires.
  • Avoid displaying multiple Notices in a single product simultaneously.
  • Also, avoid showing the next Notice immediately after the user has closed the previous one.
  • Avoid displaying a Notice and a FeaturePopover simultaneously on the page to prevent cognitive overload.

Contains the following mandatory elements:

  • Rating slider. Non-interactive and shows the user's choice on the previous step. If user closes the window, then its choice will be cleared.
  • Title. Set titles that are suitable for the value that user have chosen. Don't forget to add the appropriate h tag.
  • Group of checkboxes with suggestions. Depending on the number of stars chosen, you can show different predefined sets of checkboxes for selection. Show 3 checkboxes maximum.
  • Textarea for optional text feedback. It has defailt label "Is there anything we could improve?". But you can change it if necessary. You can set a maximum number of symbols for it.
  • "Send feedback" button. You can change button's label if necessary.

Optional elements that you can add if necessary:

  • Input for entering an email for a response. The default label is "Reply-to email", but you can change the text if necessary. The input is pre-filled with the user's email, the user can clear it.
  • Policy text. Default text: "We will only use this email to respond to you on your feedback. Privacy Policy".


Use Success pattern for NoticeBubble.

For the text use "Thank you for your feedback!".

Interaction with form

Interaction with form inputs
Group of checkboxes with suggestionsOptional to select. Users can select any number of suggestions.
Textarea for optional text feedbackOptional to fill. If user filled the textarea with a fewer than any 3 characters, then highlight the textarea with an invalid state and show a tooltip with the message how to fix this situation. Button is not disabled. You can set the message in the tooltip if necessary.
Input for emailOptional to fill. If the user clears the input, they get no errors or something that can block the form's submission.


The form can be submitted without filling in any additional information (for example, immediately after it appears).

Feedback Rating form states
StateDescriptionAppearance example
LoadingTriggered after clicking on the "Send feedback" button or maybe triggered while the initial loading of the form.
ErrorTriggered if the data was not sent for some reason. The notification appears in the form above the “Send feedback” button with the default text: “Something went wrong. Please try again or contact us at {email} ". Set the {email} by yourself.
SuccessShown after feedback data was successfully submitted.

Released under the MIT License.

Released under the MIT License.