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UX patterns


FeedbackYesNo is a pattern for collecting of the feedback. It that consists of Notice and Feedback form. This pattern helps to introduce the feature to the user and contains a simple question about the work of the product. For example, “Meet our new Dashboard! Is it working well for you?”.

Component appearing

Two variants are possible for the notice appearing

  1. The notice is shown simultaneously with the product or report loading.
  2. The notice is shown for the first time in the second session (recommended). Further it is shown until closing or clicking the "Ask me later" button.

The session time is determined by the PO or UX of the product. It may be a time interval, the next loading of the page or an update of the company data.


This component is always located on the top of the report or product.


  • Height of the notice — 72px.
  • Before the text place the image. The image size is 40px х 40px.
  • The button "Ask me later" is a button with use="tertiary"and theme="info". Not a link.

Margins and paddings

Form behavior

See the detailed description of behavior of the feedback dropdown in Feedback.

Buttons behavior

"Yes" and "No" buttons

  • the pressed button becomes active;
  • the dropdown with the feedback form drops down from the pressed button during 500ms;
  • focus is at the textarea. Placeholder says: Please tell us your suggestion or report an issue.

"Send feedback" button

  • the button from which the dropdown drops for sending a message is still active;
  • after validation of the fields and sending of the message we show the illustration and the text Thank you for your feedback! in the dropdown;
  • after 2500ms the dropdown is smoothly closed with a fade of 500ms; after 500ms more the dropdown with buttons is also closed, dragging the whole page content up during 500ms.

"Cancel" button

  • the pressed button Yes or No switches to normal status;
  • the notice is not hidden.

Closing and appearing of the notice

"Ask me later" button

  1. It is always in the notice, after the Yes и No buttons.
  2. By clicking this button the notice will close;
  3. During 500ms the product/report content is dragged up;
  4. The notice appears in the next user session.

Close icon

It's an optional element.

Show this element if the report or product has an alternative form for sending feedback (Send Feedback link next to the settings).

  • The first variant: it is always in the notice.
  • The second variant (recommended): when you click on Ask me later, the Close icon appears upon opening in the second session (may appear in the second or the third or the n-session).

Remembering states

  1. If the user sent the feedback, the notice is not shown to him/her anymore.
  2. It's recommended to store this status in user. In order not to be obtrusive.
  3. It's allowed to store the statuses of closing and showing in local storage.

Events arrangement

Description Action Label Value
Clicked the button Yes FeedbackYesNo Click Yes
Feedback sending FeedbackYesNo Send Feedback yes_click
Feedback sending FeedbackYesNo Send Feedback no_click
Clicked the button No FeedbackYesNo Click No
Clicked Сancel button in the dropdown FeedbackYesNo Click Cancel
Block showing FeedbackYesNo Show
Closing by clicking the Close icon FeedbackYesNo Close
Clicked Ask me later FeedbackYesNo Click Ask
Appearance of an error in the input for the comment text FeedbackYesNo No valid Comment
Appearance of an error in the input for the email FeedbackYesNo No valid Email
Error of empty email FeedbackYesNo Empty Email
Error of empty comment FeedbackYesNo Empty Comment
Appearance of the red notice on wrong sending FeedbackYesNo Error Send
Click email for communication You can also send us an email... FeedbackYesNo Click Email Support