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UX patterns


Informer is a pattern used for visual marking of hints in the interface.

It is required when there is no space or possibility to put, for example, hint link next to the component.


The informer consists of:

  • Info icon with margin-left: 4px;
  • tooltip with a hint message (appears when you hover over the icon).

The Info icon shouldn't be used with the h1 title. This is usually the title of hero blocks, etc. Hiding hints in an info icon next to the main page's title is strange, isn't it? 😎

Font size Icon size Use
36px (--fs-700), 32px (--fs-600) L Use only with the largest titles and controls.
Smaller than 24px (--fs-500) M Use with text sizes smaller than 24px.


State Appearance example Styles
normal background-color: var(--icon-secondary-neutral);
hover The icon color doesn't change on hover. Only cursor changes to cursor: help;.

Click zone

Icon size The size of the click zone
L 24px * 24px
M 16px * 16px


See detailed infromation in the Tooltip guide.

Use in UX/UI

If the Info icon hides additional information about the control in a group of controls (for example, in filters), then pay attention to margins.

In the case when controls have text labels, place Info icon next to the labels.