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Basics docs divider Last updated: September 16, 2021

Get API key

Your API key allows you to send a request through Semrush API.

You can find your key within the Account tab -> Subscription info -> API Units

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Check your balance

When running an API request, each particular line will cost API unit*.
The total amount of units that you will need to spend per request will depend on the exact number of lines in the report.

Make sure that you have a sufficient number of API units: within the Subscription info tab or via API request (Check API unit balance).

*Billing Traffic analytics API works differently, read more here.

Break down your API calls in a text editor

Each report type provides an example of a request. This is a great starting point for your own requests.


1) Begin with the base URL. It depends on the product


2) Enter ?key followed by you API key

3) Enter report type


4) Enter request parameters

5) Enter the domain name

6) Enter the database

Use display_limit to save API units

Certain types of reports within Semrush API have “display_limit”. Display limits are used when the report you are pulling data from analyzes data in specific order

Use display_limit to limit the amount of lines to save API units


Adding “&display_limit=10” will limit your request to the top 10 results.

Handle the errors

If you recive an error code saying there was a problem within your API request, refer to the Error page to view description that will help to fix the problem.