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Charts showcase

There are various chart types within the Intergalactic Design System, each designed for distinct scenarios and data representation.


Note that some chart types are still under development and are not yet clickable.


This chart type is used to compare values within a list that has no specific order.

For instance, you can compare the audience of selected domains to the overall market.


Rank items in either ascending or descending order based on their values.

For example, you can rank countries by their market share.

Change over time (Trend)

This chart type visualizes how values change over time.

For instance, it can be used to display the traffic trend over time for various devices.

Part to whole

Use this chart to illustrate the contribution of individual values to the whole.

For example, it's useful for showing the traffic share of different devices.


This chart type depicts the distribution within a set of values.

For instance, you can use it to show the distribution of leaders, niche players, and game changers in the market.


Employ this chart to demonstrate the relationship between two or three sets of values.

For example, it can show how website traffic is influenced by customer age.


Use this chart to visualize the deviation, difference, or gap between two sets of values.

For example, it can illustrate the deviation between the actual and target audience of a website.

Geographical values

Utilize a map to represent values associated with geographical areas.

For instance, you can display website audience by country or region on a map.

Released under the MIT License.

Released under the MIT License.