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FeedbackYesNo represents a feedback collection pattern. This pattern consists of the Notice and Feedback form. Its purpose is to introduce a new feature to the user and pose a straightforward question about the product's performance. For instance, "Discover our new Dashboard! Is it functioning effectively for you?"

Component appearance

There are two potential variants for the notice to appear:

  1. The notice appears simultaneously with the loading of the product or report.
  2. The notice is displayed for the first time in the second session (recommended). Subsequently, it remains visible until closed or the "Ask me later" button is clicked.

The length of a session is determined by the Product Owner or UX designer of the product. It might be defined as a time interval, the next page load, or an update of company data.


Typically, this component is positioned at the top of a report or product.

It is also could be placed next to the feature for which feedback is desired.


  • The notice's height is 72px.
  • Preceding the text, include the Feedback illustration. The image dimensions are 40px x 40px.
  • The "Ask me later" button is designed as a button with use="tertiary" and theme="info", not as a link.

Margins and paddings

Form behavior

Refer to the comprehensive behavior description of the feedback dropdown in the Feedback.

Buttons behavior

"Yes" and "No" buttons

  • The pressed button becomes active.
  • The dropdown with the feedback form appears from the pressed button over 500ms.
  • The focus is directed to the textarea, with a placeholder stating: "Please provide suggestions or report issues."

"Send feedback" button

  • The button that triggers the dropdown for sending a message remains active.
  • After field validation and message sending, an illustration and the text "Thank you for your feedback!" are displayed in the dropdown.
  • After 2500ms, the dropdown is gently closed with a 500ms fade-out effect. An additional 500ms later, the dropdown with buttons is also closed, smoothly lifting the entire page content over 500ms.

"Cancel" button

  • Pressing the "Yes" or "No" button reverts it to its normal state.
  • The notice remains visible.

Closing and appearing of the notice

"Ask me later" button

  1. This button is consistently present within the notice, following the "Yes" and "No" buttons.
  2. Clicking this button closes the notice.
  3. Over 500ms, the product/report content shifts upwards.
  4. The notice reappears in the user's next session.

Close icon

The Close icon is optional.

Display this element if the report or product offers an alternate method for sending feedback (such as a "Send Feedback" link next to the settings).

  • The first option involves having the Close icon always present within the notice.
  • The second option (recommended) entails the Close icon appearing after clicking "Ask me later" and upon reopening the notice in the second session (which could be the second, third, or subsequent sessions).

Remembering states

  1. If the user submits feedback, the notice will no longer appear to them.
  2. Storing this status in the user's profile is advisable, in order to avoid being intrusive.
  3. It is permissible to use local storage for saving the closing and appearing statuses.

Events arrangement

Events arrangement
Clicked the button YesFeedbackYesNoClick Yes
Feedback sendingFeedbackYesNoSend Feedbackyes_click
Feedback sendingFeedbackYesNoSend Feedbackno_click
Clicked the button NoFeedbackYesNoClick No
Clicked Сancel button in the dropdownFeedbackYesNoClick Cancel
Block showingFeedbackYesNoShow
Closing by clicking the Close iconFeedbackYesNoClose
Clicked Ask me laterFeedbackYesNoClick Ask
Appearance of an error in the input for the comment textFeedbackYesNoNo valid Comment
Appearance of an error in the input for the emailFeedbackYesNoNo valid Email
Error of empty emailFeedbackYesNoEmpty Email
Error of empty commentFeedbackYesNoEmpty Comment
Appearance of the red notice on wrong sendingFeedbackYesNoError Send
Click email for communication You can also send us an email...FeedbackYesNoClick Email Support

Released under the MIT License.

Released under the MIT License.