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Pills is a component designed for:

  • Switching between states, such as tabs, views, or screens with uniform content.
  • Filtering data in lists, tables, and charts.

Component composition

Component consists of the following:

  1. Pill.Item
  2. Pill.Item.Addon
  3. Pill.Item.Text

Sizes and margins

Pills sizes and margins
Size (height in px)Margins
M (28px)
L (40px)

Addons (icons, flags, badges, counters) have the same margin as the addons inside the Button.



The default appearance used in most cases across our design system.

Adding new item


This type exists only in design, and the component doesn't cover this case yet.

States for adding new item case in Pills

Pills as summary

In some products, pills can act as a block with shared metrics. Their differences from the default pills are:

  • Increased height due to content.
  • Additional controls inside, usually for adding/moving data by clicking on a link.


States for Pills
StateAppearance example
Skeleton (initial loading of the page)
Disabled Pills.Item

Usage in UX/UI

Pills are used for:

  • Actions with data: filtering, sorting, navigation (displaying data chunks).
  • Changing the view/presentation of data.

Pills can be used in:

Number of pills

The minimum number of pills in the component is 2, and the maximum is unlimited. However, keep in mind that it might be challenging for the user to navigate the selection with too many items. In such cases, you can:

Clicking on the last pill with an ellipsis in the dropdown displays a list of items that did not fit. The selected item from this list will be placed before the pill with an ellipsis.

Examples of wrong usage

Don’t use buttons instead of pills:

Don’t use pills instead of buttons:

If words are too long, you can shorten them into abbreviations that users can understand:

Don’t use a single Pills.Item:

Released under the MIT License.

Released under the MIT License.