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CSS Injection


🚨 CSS Injection is a deprecated feature and will be removed in the next major release planned on Q1 of 2024.


🚨 If you are using CSS Injection for theming purpose, consider review design tokens based theming.


If you are creating a product that differs in style from other products of Semrush, use the tools for theming.

How does it work?

There are two ways to redefine styles of our components:

  • Local for one specific component.
  • Global for all components at once.

Local specific

Styles composition helps us to extend basic styles of our components, and sometimes even supplement API. In fact, you write styles using CSS-in-JS approach and transfer them to our components.


  • An opportunity to "extend" API components with new properties responsible for appearance.


  • Styles shall be applied every time you use our component.
  • Styles are applied in runtime.
  • No style de-duplication.
  • It is difficult to reuse the styles.

Read more about how to apply styles composition in practice.

Global specific

This helps you to rewrite or to add styles to all our components by redefining their appearance. It looks like this: you write CSS, while babel-plugin combines it with our default styles and applies it to all the components.

Using this approach, you can publish CSS injections to NPM and reuse them later.


  • Styles are applied to all the components automatically.
  • The CSS injection is applied during assembly.
  • Easiness of reuse.
  • De-duplication of styles.
  • Versioning availability.


  • Strict structure and naming.
  • Need to configure webpack.

You can write CSS injections for our components this way with global use.

Released under the MIT License.

Released under the MIT License.