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Textarea is a multiline text field designed for capturing a large amount of data, such as comments, descriptions, or lists of links.


Textarea sizes
Size (height in px for one row of text)Appearance example
M (28px)
L (40px)

Resize control

You can enable the resize control for the textarea to allow users to adjust its size. They can stretch it horizontally, vertically, or both ways.

When the textarea cannot be stretched, a scrollbar will appear after a certain number of lines. We recommended adding scrollbars when the textarea has at least 4-5 lines.


Avoid making the textarea smaller than 160-200px in width and 3-4 lines in height. Working with large amounts of data in smaller sizes can be challenging, especially when it serves as a primary input in a form.


Textarea may include a counter displaying the number of characters entered, character limits, etc.

The counter can be positioned next to the text label or close to the textarea itself.

Textarea with counter
Size (height in px for one row of text)Input with labelInput without label
M (28px)
L (40px)


The styles of the textarea in different states correspond to those of the Input component for the same states.

Textarea states

Usage in UX/UI

  • Use the Textarea when users need to input a substantial amount of data. For short inputs with 1-3 words, use the Input component instead.
  • Provide a descriptive name for the textarea so that users understand the type of data they should enter.

Released under the MIT License.

Released under the MIT License.