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Figma libraries

What Figma libraries do we have?

Detaching and updating components

Core libraries

Feel free to use our Figma libraries:

Start designing with our Figma libraries

How to start designing with the Intergalactic Design System Figma libraries? Where you should start from?

Getting started with Charts library

How to choose the right visualization for your task?

Additional libraries

In addition, we offer libraries for internal use, which are accessible solely to Semrush designers.


All Product Design Team members have editing access to the Libraries containing UI illustrations, patterns, experiments, and email templates.

As a result, if you create any new illustrations, patterns, or email templates, you are encouraged to add them to the shared libraries. By doing so, you will facilitate your colleagues in finding readily usable illustrations, icons, and email templates in the future.

Released under the MIT License.

Released under the MIT License.